Whirl-Pak® Product Range

Whirl-Pak sterilised sampling bags are ideal for food, beverage, dairy, water, medical, veterinary, environmental, soil, and industrial markets as well as surface, forensic science, genetics, biomedical and pharmaceutical sampling. 

Trusted by professionals for 60 years, Whirl-Pak bags offer puncture-proof closure tabs, guaranteed sterility, easy identification, and leak proof closures you can rely on. 

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Puncture-Proof Tabs 

All Whirl-Pak bags feature “Puncture-Proof Tabs”. The tape on the tab extends past the aluminium wire end which:

                    • Eliminates sharp points that could puncture the bags
                    • Eliminates a person’s hand/gloves from being scratched or punctured

The ‘Puncture-Proof Tabs’ process is patented under No. 5,180,229.


Guaranteed Sterility

+1 Sterilisaton® is the process of sterilising sealed cartons of Whirl-Pak bags after manufacturing, which is completed at an independent ISO-Certified facility. Lot numbers are on every carton to provide traceability of official sterility documentation.  

Download sterility certificates from Use the lot number and master number of each box to find the relevant sterility documents.


Strong construct with leak-proof closure

Exceptionally clear film and superior strength by using co-extrusive low density and linear low-density, virgin polyethylene.

Whirling or folding the bag over three times and securing with the closure tabs creates a leak-proof sampling container.


 Reduced storage and shipping

 Whirl-Pak bags can save you money as they require less space versus other sampling containers, which saves on shipping, storage, and waste costs.

  • Save 90% more space than other types of containers
  • Significant savings on shipping