Regenerative Medicine

Platelet-Rich Plamsa (PRP) therapy is a treatment which involves taking a sample of one's blood, spinning it down, and injecting the plasma back into the soft tissue of the chosen site. This autologous preparation delivers a high concentration of the patient's own growth factors, accelerating healing and rapid tissue regeneration. This therapy is often used in both treating musculoskeletal injuries, or for aesthetic purposes. PRP may also be used for treating hair loss.

AMSL Regenerative Medicine proudly distributes two Estar Medical established PRP systems; Cellenis® PRP and Tropocells® PRP. The advanced gel separation technology produces the optimal PRP formula. Before now, PRP systems were unable to sustain the mononuclear cell populations while eliminating red blood cells (RBCs) and neutrophils. Cellenis and Tropocells PRP gel separation removes cells that promote inflammation and catabolism, while producing a solution rich in platelets and monocytes which optimise healing and growth.