Regenerative Medicine

Cellenis Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy is an innovative and promising approach in tissue regeneration1Cellenis® PRP is used to accelerate skin rejuvenation and regeneration. The therapy may assist with acne scarring, refining wrinkles, and improving skin texture and tone, while maintaining a natural appearance2Cellenis® PRP can also be used to promote hair growth when injected into the scalp. Visible results may take between 2-6 weeks and will vary between individuals. This variance depends on factors such as general health, age, diet, smoking, and skin type3

Unique features of Cellenis® PRP

  • 10 minute spin time
  • Physiologic pH anti-coagulant
  • Higher anabolic to catabolic cells ratio 22:1
  • Monocytes outnumber neutrophils 2.7:1
  • Maintains separation, eliminating RBCs from the concentration
  • Option to use 11 mL tubes or 22 mL tubes
  • Flexibility to concentrate PRP further 

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