Whirl-Pak® Homogeniser Blender Filter Bags

Filter solids out of a sample with ease using the Whirl-Pak Homogeniser Blender Filter Bags. The bags feature a third middle layer of finely perforated polyethylene. During the homogenising step the middle layer separates the liquid and solids, allowing for easy pipetting of the sample.

The hole diameter in the filter layer measures 0.33mm, 330 microns and there are 285 holes per square centimetre. The filter is sealed into the perimeter of the bag on the sides and bottom, allowing the sample to be placed in the bag on either side. The liquid will transfer through the filter, but the solids stay on one side. The bags also feature puncture proof tabs that help form a leak free closure.


  • Excellent for liquid, semi-solid or solid samples
  • Middle filter layer separates the liquid and solids
  • Prevents clogged pipette tips as the solids are filtered out of the liquid
  • Omits food particles being plated onto plates
  • Write-On strip for easy sample identification and traceability
  • Puncture proof tabs with no sharp points to damage bags or gloves
  • Bags can be easily closed and retained for future use

Capacity is measured in fluid ounces when the bag is closed, and tab is folded over three times. Volumes and dimensions are approximate. The bags should not be used at temperatures above 82°C and can be frozen to any temperature. 

For product details and codes, view the Whirl-Pak Product Guide.