MicroTally™ - Beef Pathogen Sampling

MicroTally Manual Swabs and Continuous Sampling Sheets offer a non-destructive sampling method for indicator organisms plus pathogens, including E. coli O157 and Salmonella in beef trim. When used as directed, these methods provide an organism recovery rate greater than, or equivalent to, the N60 or N60+ method for detection.

MicroTally sampling devices provides savings in: 

  • Product loss for testing purposes
  • Sampling time and labour costs
  • Testing costs

How does MicroTally work?

MicroTally works by lifting microorganisms from the surface of the product when contact is made with the swab or the sheet. The binding is more efficient than the release, causing organisms to accumulate, providing a large effective sample size.

MicroTally Continuous Sampling device requires a swab to be placed in a bracket at the end of the conveyor line. Microorganisms are collected on the swab as the beef trim passes over the top of swab prior before falling into the combo bin. Using this method allows the majority of beef trim pieces to be sampled providing a more representative sample in comparison to current methods.

For situations where a combo is not filled by a conveyor belt, the MicroTally Manual Sampling swabs can be used. Simply use the cloth to manually wipe the pieces of beef trim at the top of the combo bin.

Implementing MicroTally Manual Swabs and/or Continuous Sampling Sheets provides a safer beef product, coupled with reduced labour and sampling costs for processors.

MicroTally Swabs (100 Pack)
Code: MT-S100