Antibiotic Residues - BBRT Inhibitor Test

The Brilliant Black Reduction Test (BBRT) Inhibitor Test is produced according to 64 LFGB and to Commission Decision 91/180/EEC respectively. Thus, it complies with the statutory guidelines for detecting inhibitors. This test was developed especially for the detection of inhibitors in milk, and what sets it apart is its particularly high sensitivity to betalactam antibiotic residues. The maximum residue limits (MRLs) laid down by the EU for betalactam antibiotics are reliably detected by the BBRT Inhibitor Test; other antibiotics and sulphonamides present are also detected. The test is particularly designed to meet the demands of milk quality regulation in Germany. It is used successfully by Milchprüfring Bayern e.V., Milchprüfring Baden-Württemberg e.V. and other Federal States and also in other countries in quality evaluation and payment for tanker milk.

The BBRT Inhibitor Test is available in the following formats:

Tubes for single sample:

  • Glass tubes with screw cap, packing size 25 or 100 tubes, shelf life - 12 months from production
  • Plastic tubes PP (BRT Single 48), packing size 48 tubes, shelf life - 12 months from production

Strips divisible in 96 single samples: 

  • Microtiterplate
  • Standard format
  • Polystyrene
  • Crystal clear
  • White frame 
12 x 8 strips:

  • Shelf life - 3 months from production
  • ESL version - 9 months
Plate for 96 samples:

  •  Microtiterplate
  •  Standard format
  •  Polystyrene
  •  Crystal clear
  •  Shelf life - 3 months from production
  •  ESL version - 9 months