Antibiotic Residues - Milk Producer Test Set

The Milk Producer Test Set is available in three packing units containing 25 resp. 100 glass BRT test tubes with screw caps or 48 plastic BRT test tubes. All sets contain a sample protocol and a matching number of disposable pipettes and milk that is free of inhibitors (negative control). The BRT test tubes have a minimum shelf life of 12 months when they are stored in a refrigerator and can be used for cow, sheep, and goat milk.

We recommend that for every batch of samples you also prepare a batch of negative controls (inhibitor-free milk). This clearly determines the end point of incubation when the colour of the negative control changes from blue to yellow, which gives you security when you are evaluating the samples.


  • Velcro ankle straps to mark treated cows
  • Digital thermometer to check the temperature of your thermo-block
  • Timer to check incubation time of the BRT test tubes