Somatic Cell Counting - LactiCyte™ HD

The new robust PC driven LactiCyte-HD provides rapid, accurate, and affordable somatic cell counts for cow, goat, sheep and/or buffalo milk. The LactiCyte-HD covers a wide range - from 0.1 to 10,000,000 SCC/mL. The range for actionable outcomes can be customised by the user (i.e. "Warning Level", "Critical Level"). Just insert a cartridge and test results are reported in <60 seconds via on-screen display, printout, and USB interface.

Based upon a fluorescent microscope technique and magnification approach to cell counting, the results are recorded by a charged-coupled device (CCD) camera digitalisation of the actual cells. The LactiCyte-HD has an excellent correlation with the Direct Microscopic Somatic Cell Count (DMSCC) method.


  • Milk Reception/Milk Collection Stations - Results from individual cows, bulk tanks and/or tanker trucks are reliably and rapidly reported. Test results can be printed out (built-in printer) for suppliers. Easy-to-use, simple system (prepare sample, insert cartridge & push START - results are ready in <1 minute per test).
  • Laboratory - An exceptionally practical instrument for small and mid-sized labs, the LactiCyte-HD features an impressive correlation with Direct Microscopic Somatic Cell Count. Choose between the budget-priced quick test (16 pictures) using a four channel cartridge, or a more precise test (36 pictures) using two channel cartridges. Options for more in-depth analysis are also available. See Advanced Mode.
  • Field Extension Services and Farm Level - Optimise herd management by proactively (not reactively) monitoring SCC real-time to facilitate early intervention (also in cases of sub-clinical mastitis). See positive outcomes in herd health and milk quality while realising cost savings. Treatment can be closely monitored for timely and positive outcomes with potential cost savings.
  • Dairy Science Studies and R&D - The digitised, visual image of somatic cells counted can be enhanced to assist in specific dairy studies. The precision and accuracy of the LactiCyte-HD provide an excellent and affordable tool for introducing students to total somatic cell counting techniques. Results provide critical data in qualifying required parameters to preserve integrity of milk protein for nutritional benefits and optimise onward manufacturing.

The LactiCyte-HD Start-Up Kit includes:

  • 1 x LactiCyte-HD Somatic Cell Counter
  • 1 x Mini Vortex Mixer
  • 1 x AC power cords
  • 1 x Comprehensive User's Guide
  • 1 x Starter Kit with LactiChips/supplies for 100 tests
  • 2 x Automatic Pippettes preset for 7uL and 100uL
  • Sample vials and racks
  • 1 x PC Monitor
  • 1 x keyboard and mouse 

LactiCyte™ HD Somatic Cell Brochure