Phosphatesmo MI (ALP)

Phosphatesmo MI is used for the detection of alkaline phosphatase (ALP) in dairy products.

   Phosphatesmo MI (ALP) is a quick and easy quality control test for pasteurised milk. The thermal resistance of ALP is considered to be higher than that of the other pathogens which are commonly found in milk. ALP activity is used to determine whether milk has been properly pasteurised or whether it has been contaminated with raw milk after pasteurisation.

   Features of Phosphatesmo MI (ALP) include:

  • Easy to read colourmetric result
  • Result in 1 hour
  • Pack of 50 strips
  • Limit of sensitivity is 0.5% raw milk in pasteurised milk
  • Store at 2-8°C to ensure optimal result

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    Phosphatesmo MI (ALP) (50 strips)
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