Rapid Protein Detection Test - FLASH®

  • Rapid test results with clear colour interpretation - Verify cleaning effectiveness quickly and consistently, allowing for immediate corrective action while minimising downtime between production change-overs.
  • 1 swab, 2 sensitivity levels - Choose the appropriate testing sensitivity based on application or area-specific limits of detection for protein residue. Obtain initial room temperature results down to 20 µg (down to 3 µg for high temperature incubation) within 10 minutes.
  • Detects protein residues including certain “Big 8” food allergens - FLASH is a perfect complement to LIGHTNING MVP ICON® ATP testing, which is a commonly used method for monitoring overall environmental hygiene. ATP tests can’t measure protein, which is a difficult food residue to remove from surfaces even after cleaning. Used regularly, both can be incorporated into validated cleaning procedures (SSOPs) to minimise the risk of biological contamination and cross-contamination to allergen-free products.

FLASH Sampling Device Features:

  • Easy-to-interpret colour change results within 10 minutes
  • Room temperature readings down to 20 μg
  • Higher sensitivity detection down to 3 μg when incubated at 70 ⁰C
  • Detects total protein, including “Big 8” food allergens like gluten flour, soy flour, egg powder, milk powder, roasted almonds, peanut butter, raw shrimp, and raw fish (cod)
  • Simple online training available 24/7 with certification for audit compliance


  •  Detects - Total Protein (incl. certain "Big 8" food allergens)
  • Companion Products -
    • Digital Heat Block with 28-Tube Rack, 120V (PN:73061)
    • Digital Heat Block with 28-Tube Rack, 240V (PN:73011)
    • Additional 28-Tube Rack for Digital Heat Block (PN:52125)
  • Technology - Enzymatic Colorimetric Assay
  • Storage - Room Temperature or Refrigerated (2-30 ⁰C)
Flash PI Information Sheet
FLASH Rapid Protein Detection Test (Qty 100 tests)

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