Our Team


Founder and Managing Director Founder and Managing Director

Richard Plowright

Founder and Managing Director

Richard is founder and Managing Director of AMSL and NZMS and is based in our New Zealand office in Auckland. He was heavily involved with establishing effective haemodialysis units in Christchurch Hospital before moving into pharmaceutical sales and management. As a leading Australasian independent medical distributor, Richard has extensive experience in the Australian and New Zealand medical industries and is responsible for introducing hundreds of new devices and pharmaceuticals to our healthcare market. 

General Manager General Manager

Ian Slater

General Manager

Ian joined AMSL in November 2011 with over 35 years of experience in pharmaceuticals behind him. Since starting with Stafford Miller in the UK, Ian spent time with Johnson & Johnson and Carter Wallace before moving to Australia in 1982. Ian’s most recent experience prior to joining AMSL was working in the area of Dermatology as General Manager of Stiefel Laboratories for 18 years. Ian has a passion for bringing the best out of every single member of staff.

Division Manager Division Manager

Dr Samy Saad

Division Manager

Medical Division

Diabetes Division

Samy has over 25 years of experience in medical devices, pharmaceutical sales and marketing in the areas of diabetes, oncology, enteral feeding, OTC business, medical and surgical devices. He brings with him a highly developed set of business experience in management, training, consultancy, distribution management and corporate social responsibility. Samy manages our Diabetes and Medical division's sales and marketing functions. This includes developing strategic business and development plans and managing their execution, as well as evaluating new products/partnership opportunities.

Division Manager Division Manager

Angelique de Jong

Division Manager

Medical Aesthetics Division

Angelique has a long history of working in the medical fields of ophthalmology and medical aesthetics in sales and management roles. Angelique provides support to a team of product specialists based in both Australia and New Zealand and liaises with our suppliers to ensure our products are well represented and backed by ongoing training. 

Division Manager Division Manager

Andrew Odd

Division Manager

Scientific Division

Andrew graduated from University of Technology Sydney in 1998 with a degree in Biomedical Science. After graduation he worked as a microbiologist before moving into the field of food safety and rapid microbiology and has since spent over 16 years in this field. Andrew joined AMSL in 2008 as Scientific Division Manager, with an emphasis on meeting customer needs with superior products backed by excellent service and support. 

Division Manager Division Manager

Martin Rocliffe

Division Manager

Point of Care Division

Martin Rocliffe graduated from University of Manchester with a degree in Microbiology before gaining laboratory experience in transfusion medicine, biochemistry and point of care testing. He has 30 years of diagnostic sales & marketing experience throughout UK, Europe, South Africa and Asia Pacific. Martin was the General Manager for Nova Biomedical in the UK before joining the newly formed Point of Care division of AMSL in 2010. AMSL is now proudly a market leader in point of care within Australian hospitals.

Allergy Division and Marketing Strategy Manager Allergy Division and Marketing Strategy Manager

Hugh Plowright

Allergy Division and Marketing Strategy Manager

Allergy Division

Hugh has been a part of the AMSL and NZMS team since 2011. Responsibilities include managing the Allergy division and heading marketing operations across Australia and New Zealand. Hugh has a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the University of Auckland and has previously worked on large scale engineering projects as well as in advertising management for a range of global clients. 

Quality Assurance Manager Quality Assurance Manager

Suhayl Khan

Quality Assurance Manager

Suhayl graduated with a Bachelor of Pharmacy from the University of Sydney in 2010. Prior to joining AMSL he worked several years in community pharmacy as head pharmacist. His role at AMSL involves management of the company’s healthcare and legal compliance.

Marketing Services Manager Marketing Services Manager

Hanin Jones

Marketing Services Manager

Hanin has a background in Biomedical Science and has spent several years in the pharmaceutical and pathology lab environments prior to joining the team. She has a creative flare for design and looks after all of AMSL's marketing initiatives. 

National Sales Manager National Sales Manager

Leeane Beasley

National Sales Manager

Diabetes Division

Leeane joined us in 2007 from a nursing and pharmaceutical background. She is committed to ensuring the Diabetes team are expertly trained and educated to equip them to deliver exceptional knowledge & provide outstanding service to our customers. 

National Sales Supervisor National Sales Supervisor

Garima Walia

National Sales Supervisor

Medical Division

Garima has a Bachelor of Health Science and Postgraduate Diploma in Bioscience Enterprise and has been with AMSL since 2012. Her experience with AMSL has included strategic corporate development functions, managing opportunities for business growth and she currently supervises the Medical sales team nationally. Garima strongly believes that the only way to do great work is to love the work you do.

Corporate Development Manager Corporate Development Manager

Christine Merrell

Corporate Development Manager

Medical Division

Christine is a Registered Nurse with a special interest in diabetes and oncology. Christine looks after the oncology products, Erwinase and Caphosol and the new weight-loss product, Aspire Assist. 

Customer Service Supervisor Customer Service Supervisor

Alanah Suhr

Customer Service Supervisor

Alanah has had many years working in customer service, giving her extensive experience in logistics, management and customer experience.

Warehouse Supervisor Warehouse Supervisor

Mitchell Slater

Warehouse Supervisor

Mitch has been a member of AMSL staff since February 2014 and is responsible for supervising all operations of our warehousing management.

Company Accountant Company Accountant

Dany Weber

Company Accountant

Dany has been with AMSL for over 10 years and handles the company's accounts. 

Business Services, Facilities and Special Projects Business Services, Facilities and Special Projects

Stuart Hamilton

Business Services, Facilities and Special Projects

After many years in IT, Stuart moved to AMSL where he has now been since 2006. Stuarts role covers administration, building services and WH&S. 

Marketing Team Leader Marketing Team Leader

Denise Tam

Marketing Team Leader

Denise graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Pharmacy and is a registered pharmacist. After 3 years of pursuing a career in community pharmacy, she decided to expand her knowledge and passion for marketing by completing an advanced diploma in Digital Marketing. She comes to AMSL with over 8 years of community pharmacy experience and a strong background in graphic design.

Marketing Associate Marketing Associate

Amr Saad

Marketing Associate

Amr completed his Bachelor of Design in 2017, majoring in Integrated Product Design at the University of Technology, Sydney. Amr also has a Diploma in Visual Communication, and has a strong passion for graphic design and creative marketing.

Marketing Associate Marketing Associate

Areej Hamdi

Marketing Associate

Areej joined AMSL’s Marketing Team with over 5 years experience in pharmacy management and regulatory affairs. Areej is still a practising pharmacist and is passionate about providing thorough patient healthcare and empowering patients through education. 

Events and Marketing Support Events and Marketing Support

Chelsea Cameron-Smith

Events and Marketing Support

Chelsea graduated from the University of Macquarie with a Bachelor of Speech, Hearing and Language Sciences. With over 6 years’ experience in the customer service industry, she was eager to expand her knowledge about marketing, and specifically, organising corporate events. Previously, she had worked in our AMSL Diabetes Customer Care support team, communicating with customers and healthcare professionals.

Regulatory Affairs Associate Regulatory Affairs Associate

Amy Kuok

Regulatory Affairs Associate

Amy joined AMSL’s Regulatory Team with over five years of experience in community pharmacy, where she has gained knowledge in providing patient care and optimising health outcomes. Amy’s role at AMSL’s Regulatory Team includes ensuring that operations are compliant with quality assurance programs.

Product Development Manager Product Development Manager

Nicole Bukovinsky

Product Development Manager

Medical Aesthetics Division

Nicole brings with her over 30 years of experience in treating and diagnosing various skin conditions. She is a former business owner of Dermal Therapy Clinics, educator, trainer & assessor at TAFE colleges (NSW) in Dermal Studies and has a background in nutrition, sales and development in Dermal Science. She has been with AMSL since 2008 in her role in development and management of our Regenerative Medicine portfolio.

Business Development Manager NSW Sth & East/ACT/VIC Business Development Manager NSW Sth & East/ACT/VIC

Suzi Trajkovski

Business Development Manager NSW Sth & East/ACT/VIC

Medical Aesthetics Division

Suzi comes from a background of dermal therapies and was previously an educator & trainer and a business development manager. She has 27 years of experience in the dermal industry from being a clinic owner, lecturer and brand educator. Suzi manages sales and training for the Medical Aesthetics division regions of NSW East South, ACT & Victoria.

Business Development Manager QLD/WA Business Development Manager QLD/WA

Helene Ewert

Business Development Manager QLD/WA

Medical Aesthetics Division

Helene has an extensive background in sales, marketing and management roles in Australia, predominantly in the Finance industry. Helene joined the Medical Aesthetics' team in 2012 and is responsible for managing sales, training and education in QLD, NT and WA for our Regenlab Platelet Rich Plasma and Fibrovein products.

Customer Care Manager Customer Care Manager

Emma Cooper

Customer Care Manager

Diabetes Division

Emma studied human nutrition before joining AMSL Diabetes in 2010 where she now looks after our customer care team in the diabetes division. Emma is super friendly and loves talking to our customers – her own experience with Type 1 Diabetes means she’s no stranger to the challenges. 

Sales Manager NSW/ACT/NT Sales Manager NSW/ACT/NT

Sarah Hough

Sales Manager NSW/ACT/NT

Diabetes Division

Sarah is passionate about helping improve the lives of people with Type 1 Diabetes through insulin pump therapy and continuous glucose monitoring. Sarah studied medical science and now loves helping people with diabetes, their families and healthcare professionals get the most out of medical technology.

Sales Manager VIC/TAS/SA Sales Manager VIC/TAS/SA

Sue Edgcumbe

Sales Manager VIC/TAS/SA

Diabetes Division

Sue’s nursing background, particularly her experience in diabetes education, brings a wealth of knowledge to her position. This is one of the reasons why she loves helping people with T1D and supporting their healthcare professionals to give them the best tools available.

Professional Education Specialist and Territory Manager Sydney North Professional Education Specialist and Territory Manager Sydney North

Lucy Walczak

Professional Education Specialist and Territory Manager Sydney North

Diabetes Division

Lucy joined us from the UK where she was a full time rower with a background in nutrition and sports science. As an athlete with diabetes, Lucy learnt first-hand how medical technology can be a big help and she loves sharing this knowledge with others. 

Territory Manager NSW Central Territory Manager NSW Central

Jeremy Morris

Territory Manager NSW Central

Diabetes Division

Jeremy has a range of experience in sales and customer service; previously working in the AMSL Diabetes’ Customer Care Team for over two years. Jeremy enjoys communicating with others about diabetes; having lived with T1D for over 15 years himself.

Territory Manager NSW West Territory Manager NSW West

Mariana Woods

Territory Manager NSW West

Diabetes Division

Mariana is originally from Mexico, learnt to speak English in Scotland, studied in America and then joined us from a role in Animas in the UK. Now an Australian at heart, she starts every day with a big grin on her face knowing she is helping people from all walks of life access the best diabetes management available.

Territory Manager NSW North-West Territory Manager NSW North-West

Kristy Como

Territory Manager NSW North-West

Diabetes Division

Kristy joined AMSL with a Bachelor of Nursing degree and sales experience in the medical device and point of care fields. As a mother of a child with type 1 diabetes, Kristy has seen the direct benefits that insulin pump therapy and continuous glucose monitoring has had on her child. 

Territory Manager NSW North Territory Manager NSW North

Marian Day

Territory Manager NSW North

Diabetes Division

Marian joined AMSL in 2016 after a career in both nursing and business development.  Her role involves working closely with multi-disciplinary diabetes teams and their patients, providing education and support with insulin pump therapy and continuous glucose monitoring. Based in Newcastle she looks after the Newcastle and NSW North region.

Territory Manager NSW South/ACT/NT Territory Manager NSW South/ACT/NT

Rebecca Hutchison

Territory Manager NSW South/ACT/NT

Diabetes Division

Bec is one of our most lively team members and a true entertainer at heart. She has been working in diabetes care for over 10 years and loves seeing the difference technology can make in people’s lives. 

Territory Manager VIC North Territory Manager VIC North

Ines Gegenhuber

Territory Manager VIC North

Diabetes Division

Ines completed her Bachelor degree in Health Science (Naturopathy) in 1998 and established her own private practice for 15 years thereafter. Ines specialised in chronic disease management, nutrition, and performance athletes. Since then she has worked in pharmaceutical sales, including insulin, which sparked her passion to work in diabetes.

Territory Manager VIC South Territory Manager VIC South

Samantha Oxenham

Territory Manager VIC South

Diabetes Division

Sam worked as a dietitian and in the food industry before joining the AMSL Diabetes team in 2010. She loves meeting and helping support her customers, their families and their health care professionals. Having T1D herself has taught her to not let anything get in her way.

Territory Manager VIC West Territory Manager VIC West

Tamara Mayfield

Territory Manager VIC West

Diabetes Division

Tamara is extremely passionate about providing her Victorian customers with the best service possible. Tam has personal experiences with very close friends with Type 1 Diabetes and sees how it can affect families. 

Territory Manager VIC East Territory Manager VIC East

Natacha Xavier

Territory Manager VIC East

Diabetes Division

Natacha has worked in the medical device industry for over 15 years looking after a variety of different products. Her very first role was working with patients with diabetes. This has made her passionate about helping patients and making a difference in their lives. 

Territory Manager VIC Central Territory Manager VIC Central

Helen Kafritsas

Territory Manager VIC Central

Diabetes Division

Helen has a Bachelor of Orthoptics and 15 years’ experience in medical and pharmaceutical sales. She has experience working with type 2 diabetes therapies and is passionate about helping patients with diabetes gain access to valuable information and products.

Territory Manager QLD North Territory Manager QLD North

Jane McCall

Territory Manager QLD North

Diabetes Division

Jane joined our company in 2013 and is a big fan of all the great people she gets to meet on the job. She is committed to supporting her customers to ensure they get the most from their choices. 

Territory Manager QLD South/Northern NSW Territory Manager QLD South/Northern NSW

Marnie May

Territory Manager QLD South/Northern NSW

Diabetes Division

Coming from a nursing and pharmaceutical sales background, Marnie loves engaging with both patients and healthcare professionals alike. She is passionate about medical technology and knows first hand what a difference it makes in patients' lives. Joining AMSL in 2017, Marnie looks after QLD South and the northern parts of NSW.

Territory Manager QLD Territory Manager QLD

Belinda Hayton

Territory Manager QLD

Diabetes Division

Belinda is passionate about helping people living with Type 1 Diabetes – a topic close to her heart. A dedicated member of our team since 2009 she is enthusiastic and devoted to going above and beyond to deliver exceptional service. 

Territory Manager Brisbane Central/East Territory Manager Brisbane Central/East

Sharon Forrest

Territory Manager Brisbane Central/East

Diabetes Division

Sharon has over 10 years’ experience in diabetes care, devices and pharmaceutical sales. Having worked within the diabetes therapeutic area for so long, she is passionate about making a difference to the lives of patients living with diabetes. 

Territory Manager SA/Mildura Territory Manager SA/Mildura

Amy Antenucci

Territory Manager SA/Mildura

Diabetes Division

Coming from a food science and nutrition background, Amy quickly discovered her love for working within the healthcare industry and complete passion for diabetes; seeing patients live life to the fullest through improved glycaemic control.

Territory Manager SA South/NT Territory Manager SA South/NT

Gillian Hebden

Territory Manager SA South/NT

Diabetes Division

Gillian completed a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree with a major in Biomedical Science. She has experience in the haematology and biochemistry industries, as well as over 3 years’ experience in the medical device industry. Gillian is a mother of a child living with type 1 diabetes and therefore has first-hand experience with the benefits of insulin pump therapy and continuous glucose monitoring. She is passionate about helping others living with type 1 diabetes gain better glycaemic control. 

Territory Manager WA Territory Manager WA

Philippa Garland

Territory Manager WA

Diabetes Division

Philippa is a passionate advocate for Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) and has been working in the diabetes field with Insulin Pump Therapy and CGM for over 4 years. 

Territory Manager WA Territory Manager WA

Dee Keenan

Territory Manager WA

Diabetes Division

Dee has worked and supported healthcare professionals and patients in the WA healthcare arena across all sectors, which includes Pharmacy, GP and Hospital Speciality. She is passionate in her commitment to patients and healthcare professionals and looks in the best of people. She has a wonderful capacity to look on the bright side.

Territory Manager TAS Territory Manager TAS

Lynne Reid

Territory Manager TAS

Diabetes Division

Coming from a background in nursing and occupational health and safety, Lynne is passionate about making a difference in other people’s lives. Having previous experience in medical sales, she loves to work as part of a team. 

Type 2 Territory Manager NSW Type 2 Territory Manager NSW

Laura Licciardo

Type 2 Territory Manager NSW

Diabetes Division

Laura joins AMSL Diabetes with over 8 years pharmacy experience. Building upon this, she also has over six years’ experience working with people living with type 2 diabetes. She is passionate about helping to empower patients to take a pro-active approach to their health. 

Type 2 Territory Manager QLD/NT Type 2 Territory Manager QLD/NT

Jessica Muhling

Type 2 Territory Manager QLD/NT

Diabetes Division

Jessica comes to AMSL Diabetes with a background in pharmacy and sales. She believes she is driven to work with products that are effective for patients; striving to improve their well-being.

Type 2 Territory Manager SA/WA Type 2 Territory Manager SA/WA

Narelle Downes

Type 2 Territory Manager SA/WA

Diabetes Division

Narelle has over 17 years’ experience in pharmaceutical sales. She also has personal ties to diabetes, acting as a carer for her step-father who lives with type 2 diabetes. Narelle thrives when helping healthcare professionals and the community to optimise their care and take control of their treatment.

National Retail Specialist National Retail Specialist

Stephen Bongiorno

National Retail Specialist

Diabetes Division

Stephen has worked in the Pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years. He is highly motivated in achieving results, customer service and education. Stephen has been involved in the Diabetes industry for the last six years working with Aged Care, Hospitals and Diabetes Educators and has become passionate about helping people and improving the lives of those living with Diabetes. When not at work, he enjoys 4WD, camping, bike riding and fishing.

POC National Sales Manager POC National Sales Manager

Jennifer Leon-Nestler

POC National Sales Manager

Point of Care Division

Jennifer joined AMSL in 2016 after working for over 10 years for Multinationals in the POC, Diagnostics Services and Diabetes Care Industry. She graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Laboratory Science) and Post Graduate Diploma (Life Sci.) from Queensland University of Technology and later worked in laboratories gaining valuable experience in Medical Devices, Microbiology, Embryology and Clinical procedures. Jennifer's passion for laboratory medicine has helped to coordinate clinical trials of the StatStrip/StatSensor meters and DiaMonD HbA1c analysers. 

POC Specialist NSW POC Specialist NSW

Gwen Aquino

POC Specialist NSW

Point of Care Division

Gwen joined the AMSL Point of Care division in February 2015 with 14 years of sales experience in the medical devices industry. Her role as Point of Care Specialist involves product education and training for healthcare professionals in key hospital accounts across her NSW territory.  As part of the team she manages relationships with key stakeholders along the point of care spectrum and delivers ongoing technical training on the StatStrip Glucose & Ketone and StatStrip Lactate Xpress Meters.

POC Specialist VIC/TAS POC Specialist VIC/TAS

Lucy Johnston

POC Specialist VIC/TAS

Point of Care Division

Lucy joined the AMSL Point of Care team in 2019 with a background in nursing in both Australia and New Zealand. She graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing degree in Otago, New Zealand. With a clinical nursing background, Lucy has a passion for accuracy, efficiency and patient safety. Her role at AMSL as a Point of Care Specialist involves educating and supporting health care professionals using a diverse range of Point of Care products within Victoria and Tasmania.

POC Support POC Support

Joe Sequeira

POC Support

Point of Care Division

Joe has worked in pathology laboratories in the US and Australia for over 12 years. He then moved into sales and marketing in the diagnostics industry. During his 27 years in diagnostics, Joe was Product Manager in areas such as haematology, urinalysis, point of care and diabetes Care. While working in sales in diabetes care, Joe was a Senior Territory Manager and was voted Representative of the Year. He also won several “Peer Choice” awards in diabetes care. Whilst working mostly in NSW, Joe is available to assist the Point of Care Team interstate when the need arises. 

IT Specialist IT Specialist

Dave Ritchie

IT Specialist

Point of Care Division

Dave joined AMSL in Oct 2017 as Point of Care & IT Specialist. With over 30 years’ experience in the I.T. & Networking field, Dave has worked for multi-nationals companies in Australia, New Zealand,  and most recently Mozambique. Dave’s expertise brings an even greater dimension to AMSL’s POC IT support capabilities in Australia.

IT Support IT Support

Duane Stace

IT Support

Point of Care Division

Duane joined the Point of Care team at AMSL in 2018 as I.T. Support. Having previously studied I.T. Networking, PC & Network Support and Mechanical Engineering; this training has seen him work in PC Refresh projects and Aboriginal Health projects for over 15 years. Duane’s experience and training adds a lot of value to our POC team.

Senior Territory Manager QLD Senior Territory Manager QLD

Ray Urbano

Senior Territory Manager QLD

Medical Division

Ray holds a Bachelor Degree in Nursing and worked at Mater Private Hospital Operating Theatres for 4 years specialising in orthopaedics. Ray is responsible for our Medical portfolio of Collatamp G, Essure and Medicina across Queensland. 

Territory Manager NSW/ACT Territory Manager NSW/ACT

Virginia Johnson

Territory Manager NSW/ACT

Medical Division

Virginia graduated with a Bachelor of Science at the University of Sydney with a double major in Anatomy, Cellular Pathology and Histology. After completing her postgraduate study in Nursing, Virginia worked as a Registered Nurse, specialising in paediatrics. Across her career, Virginia's fervour for learning has seen her explore a variety of sales and educational roles. Virginia now represents AMSL as a member of the Medical division. Her role as Territory Manager involves management of sales across the Medical division portfolio for NSW and ACT, based in Sydney.

Territory Manager VIC/TAS Territory Manager VIC/TAS

Evette Michael

Territory Manager VIC/TAS

Medical Division

Evette has experience working in Pharmaceuticals in different therapeutic areas for over 7 years. Her role within the Medical division specialises in building relationships, offering product training and technical support over a diverse range of Enteral Feeding and Wound care products for Victoria and Tasmania. Evette enjoys working in the healthcare industry where she can help improve patient outcomes.

Territory Manager SA/WA/NT Territory Manager SA/WA/NT

Natasha Chaina

Territory Manager SA/WA/NT

Medical Division

Natasha joined AMSL in March 2017 as a Territory Manager for the SA/WA/NT regions. Natasha graduated with a Double Degree in International Business and Marketing in 2004 at the Edith Cowan University. Prior to joining AMSL, Natasha worked in the areas of chronic pain disease management. Her role at AMSL involves management, support and relationship building within the hospital/clinical environment of the Medicina and Collatamp G portfolio.

Account Manager Account Manager

Matt Smith

Account Manager

Scientific Division

Matt has a Bachelor degree in Biomolecular sciences from Macquarie University. As part of his degree, Matt received second place at iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) 2012 in synthetic biology. He then moved into norovirus research with molluscs and further commercial work in the food industry. Matt’s role in the scientific division of AMSL is to develop new business opportunities and technical support in the Scientific division.

Key Account Manager QLD/WA/NT Key Account Manager QLD/WA/NT

Rachel Kliese

Key Account Manager QLD/WA/NT

Scientific Division

Rachel graduated from Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Microbiology and Biochemistry. She has had experience working in the meat industry, performing microbiological and chemical quality testing. Since then, she has gained experience in sales and was most recently working as a Senior Account Manager for a not-for-profit organisation, providing Genomic Services for the academic and broad ranging commercial and clinical markets. Rachel joined AMSL in 2018 and looks after accounts in QLD, WA and NT.

Key Account Manager VIC/SA/TAS Key Account Manager VIC/SA/TAS

Mirella Tournas

Key Account Manager VIC/SA/TAS

Scientific Division

Mirella has a Bachelor degree in Applied Science majoring in Biophysics and Scientific Instrumentation from Swinburne University. Following University, Mirella worked in research (analytical chemistry) and quality care laboratories at a number of pharmaceutical manufacturers. She later moved into the food science industry where she was employed in both a sales and analyst position which involved developing testing methods and lab management. In 2008, she worked as an account manager where she developed her knowledge in food safety sciences and won sales and customer focus awards. Joining AMSL in 2017, Mirella looks after key accounts in VIC, SA and TAS.

National Sales Manager National Sales Manager

Rudini Gaviola

National Sales Manager

Allergy Division

Rudini is a qualified Registered Nurse in Australia with an extensive background working for leading pharmaceutical/medical device companies in Australia and overseas. His passion for science and for people is what drives him in his work. Rudini oversees the day to day management and sales operations for the Allergy division.

Territory Manager SA/WA Territory Manager SA/WA

Brett Martin

Territory Manager SA/WA

Allergy Division

Brett graduated from the University of Adelaide with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in genetics. He then attained a Master of Business Administration. Brett joins AMSL with over 20 years’ experience in sales and marketing within the scientific and medical industries. Amalgamating his love for science and business, Brett is passionate about the biotechnology industry and the positive impacts it can have on our patients’ lives. Brett’s role as Territory Manager sees him managing the allergy portfolio in South Australia and Western Australia.

Territory Manager NSW/ACT Territory Manager NSW/ACT

Pamela Franco

Territory Manager NSW/ACT

Allergy Division

Pamela is a pharmacist with over 22 years’ experience as a Medicines Australia accredited Pharmaceutical Sales Representative. During this time, she has worked in various multinational companies, managing a diverse product portfolio. Pamela is passionate about connecting with people and believes that understanding patients’ needs should always come first. Providing a solution that matches the patient’s needs and the impact this has on a patient’s life, inspires her to go above and beyond in her role. She joined AMSL in 2019 as Territory Manager of the allergy portfolio for New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory.

Territory Manager QLD/NT Territory Manager QLD/NT

Amanda Lee

Territory Manager QLD/NT

Allergy Division

Amanda is a qualified registered nurse with an extensive nursing background. She has worked within the allergy field, both in pharmaceutical sales roles and as an allergy nurse. Allergy is Amanda’s passion. She enjoys this exciting area and thrives on the knowledge that advances in medicine and technology have made a significant improvement to patients’ quality of life. Amanda’s role as Territory Manager sees her managing the sales of the allergy portfolio for Queensland and Northern Territory.