Wild Yeast - brewDEK™ and brewBRUX™

brewDEK and brewBRUX are powered by Veriflow – a game changing platform technology that combines proven diagnostic principles for microbial detection and innovative, first-in-class scientific approaches.

Naturally-occurring wild yeast is innately challenging to manage in the process of making beer. The use of wild yeast detection tools, powered by Veriflow, enables early and rapid detection of these microbes in order to intervene quickly and produce a consistent, quality, flavourful brew every time.

Benefits of implementing proactive wild yeast quality management:

  • Sample to result in under 4 hours
  • Early detection minimises negative impacts on beer flavor and quality
  • Simple and cost efficient deployment
  • Leverages the brewPAL Veriflow equipment and process

Wild Yeast brewDEK and brewBRUX Product Brochure 

brewDEK Test Kit (24 tests)

Code: IS1028

brewBRUX Test Kit (24 tests)

Code: IS1022