Total Chlorine Test Paper

Total Chlorine Test Paper is a fast and convenient way to measure total chlorine for water sanitation.

Free chlorine is a measure of how much unreacted chlorine is available to sanitise water systems from harmful bacteria and algae. Total chlorine measures of both free and combined chlorine for onsite, on-the-spot evaluation. To determine combined chlorine, you must subtract your free chlorine reading from your total chlorine reading.

Features of Total Chlorine Test Paper include:

  • Fast: Dip & Read - Results in seconds
  • Convenient: Room temperature storage. No refrigeration required.
  • Easy: Colour code on the packet allows for easy interpretation
  • Sensitive: colour matches 10, 50, 100 and 200ppm
  • Pack of 200 strips

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    Total Chlorine Test Paper (200 strips)
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