Insta-Test Free Chlorine Test Strips

Insta-Test Free Chlorine is a fast, convenient, and highly sensitive tool to measure low range levels of free chlorine.

Free chlorine is a measure of how much chlorine is free and available to help eliminate harmful bacteria and algae in water. This free chlorine has not bound with other contaminates in the water such as microbes or chemicals.

Features of Insta-Test Free Chlorine Test Strips include:

  • Super Fast: Dip & Read - Results in 2 seconds
  • Convenient: Room temperature storage. No refrigeration required.
  • Easy: Colour code on the packet allows for easy interpretation
  • Highly Sensitive: Colour matches 0, 0.1, 1, 3, 5, 10ppm
  • Pack of 25 strips

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    Insta Test Free Chlorine Test Strips (25 strips)
    Code: 2964-G