Pre-Moist Hygiene Swabs - TSC

Pre-moistened sampling swabs offer end-users a convenient and simple sampling method to confirm the presence of microorganisms on equipment and critical surfaces, giving increased brand protection and minimising exposure to potential recalls.

Pre-moistened swabs can be used for environmental and hygiene monitoring (HACCP), food-security (TACCP), infection control, and cleaning validation due to the inclusion of disinfectant neutralisers.

In many cases a surface will contain traces of disinfectants and/or sanitisers. Left alone and over time, these cleaning fluid traces will not kill the microorganisms, but will just prevent any growth (bacteriostatic effect). TSC Neutralising Buffer will neutralise most common disinfectants including peroxides and derivatives, phenols, quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC’s), amphoterics, chlorines and associated halogens, providing end-users with total testing assurance. 

Pre-Moist Hygiene Swabs from TSC:

  • No peel pouch, ready to use for convenience
  • Pre-moistened to save time & cost
  • Neutralise disinfectant residues
  • Entire sample can be analysed
  • Integral solution for HACCP
  • Useful in food security / TACCP validation
  • Effective hygiene monitoring solution
  • No loose packaging in critical areas
  • Choice of swab materials
  • Convenient 12-month shelf life
  • Strengthening brand protection
Enviroscreen Brochure
Pre-moist Hygiene Swab (250pk)

Code: TS/6-61

Pre-moist Hygiene Swab with Break-Point (250pk)

Code: TS/6-61BP

Pre-moist Hygiene Swab DI Water (100pk) 

Code: TS/6-62