ESC (Easy Surface Cleaning) Swabs

ESC Swabs are a new tool for microbiological monitoring of surfaces, recommended for the food and pharmaceutical industries. The range offers quality assurance personnel a variety of diluents and prefilled volumes to suit all microbiological testing requirements. The product range is manufactured to conform with International Standards. 

The product consists of a transparent plastic tube containing the collection broth, and a sterile rayon tipped swab is attached to the cap. Each tube is individually labelled with the diluent name, expiry date, and batch number for complete quality assurance.

Features of ESC Swabs include:

  • Pre-filled swab device
  • Rayon bud
  • Wide range of diluents
  • Leak-proof closure
  • Transport and storage at room temperature
  • Conform to international standards (ISO 18593, ISO 17604)

Product Code Name Quantity

85615 ESC Swab BPW + Neutralising Broth 4mL 100

85603 ESC Swab Buffered Peptone Water 10mL 100

85604 ESC Swab Buffered Peptone Water 5mL 100

85605 ESC Swab D/E Neutralising Broth 10mL 100

85606 ESC Swab D/E Neutralising Broth 5mL 100

85614 ESC Swab Demi Fraser Broth 10mL 100

85607 ESC Swab Letheen Broth 10mL 100

85608 ESC Swab Letheen Broth 5mL 100

85621 ESC Swab Letheen Broth 1mL 100

85609 ESC Swab Maximum Recovery Diluent 10mL 100

85610 ESC Swab Maximum Recovery Diluent 5mL 100

85612 ESC Swab Mycoplasma Transport Broth 5mL 100

85601 ESC Swab Neutralising Rinse Solution 10mL 100

85602 ESC Swab Neutralising Rinse Solution 5mL 100

ESC Brochure