Compact Dry CF - Coliform Count

Simple, Cost Effective Microbial Counting

Compact Dry plates offer an extremely easy-to-use plating method for the enumeration of bacteria in raw materials, finished products, water, environmental swabs, and air samples.

Simply inoculate 1mL of sample to the centre of the plate which will automatically diffuse across the surface of the membrane. During the incubation period there are no restrictions on the number of plates that can be stacked, saving valuable incubator shelf space. Follow the incubation conditions as described in the method being followed.

Compact Dry CF For Coliform Count features:

  • Ready to use
  • 24-hour time to result
  • Self-diffusing membrane eliminates a need for a spreader
  • Unlimited stacking during incubation
  • Easy to interpret, colonies are blue / blue green in colour
  • Room temperature storage and long shelf life


Coliform grow to develop blue or blue green colonies as the medium contains chromogenic enzyme substrate X-GAL. Non-coliform bacteria are inhibited or will from colourless colonies.


  • AOAC #110402
  • NordVal #035
  • MicroVal #MV0806-003LR

Compact Dry CF Brochure

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