Coliforms / E. Coli – SimPlate®

  • Rapid Enumeration of Total Coliforms and E. coli - SimPlate Coliform / E. coli utilises proprietary Binary Detection Technology™ to provide quantitative results for both total Coliforms and E. coli from food and environmental samples in just 24 hours.
  • Easy-to-Read Results - Total Coliform and E. coli results are available from a single plate. Proprietary chromogenic media and patented plating device with isolation wells combine to produce easily counted results. Because results are not dependent on gas formation, results are more easily interpreted than tube or film-based methods.
  • Reduced Testing Costs - While other plating methods require duplicate plating of samples, and the standard MPN method requires multiple dilutions and at least nine tubes of media, SimPlate has been validated to provide equivalent results with just a single plate. Combined with the reduction of necessary sample dilutions, made possible by the broad counting range of the plate (1-738), SimPlate reduces the volume of media and number of tests required for each sample, helping to reduce overall testing costs.

SimPlate Coliforms / E. coli Features:

  • Results in just 24 hours, up to 4 days faster than conventional reference culture methods
  • Pre-measured, ready to use media available in unit-dose format for low volume testing days (1 test per tube of media) or multi-dose format for high volume days (10 tests per tube of media)
  • Available in both Colour Indicator and Non-Colour Indicator format


  • Detects - Total Coliforms and E.coli
  • Validation - 
    • AOAC Official Method 2005.03
  • Companion Products -
    • SimPlate Devices
    • Supplement R
  • Technology - Binary Detection Technology
  • Storage - Room Temperature
Simplate Brochure
SimPlate Coliform/ E.coli Colour Indicator (Qty: 100 test unit dose)
Code: 66008-100

SimPlate Coliform/ E.coli Colour Indicator  (Qty: 500 test multi-dose)
Code: 66008-500

SimPlate Coliform/ E.coli (Qty 100 test unit dose)
Code: 66005-100 
SimPlate Coliform/ E.coli (Qty 500 multi-dose)
Code: 66005-500