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AMSL Diabetes to distribute MedAngel ONE in Australia

Posted Apr 3, 2019.

Sydney, Australia, April 2019 –

AMSL Diabetes are delighted to announce that they have agreed to distribute MedAngel products in Australia. MedAngel aims to empower patients with intuitive technology to assist them in monitoring the temperature of their temperature-sensitive medications such as insulin.

AMSL Diabetes will be distributing MedAngel ONE, a Bluetooth® temperature sensor that is kept with medications. The sensor continuously measures and records the temperature and connects to the MedAngel ONE app on a compatible smartphone. Users then select their medications from a supported database in the app and based on the optimal temperature range for each medication, the app will alert users whenever the optimal temperature range is exceeded.

About MedAngel:

MedAngel develops, produces and commercialises innovative solutions to help people live with chronic conditions in an easier way. Their current focus is on improving medication storage and transport care. MedAngel is based in Nijmegen, Netherlands.

For more information about this announcement, please contact AMSL Diabetes on 1300 851 056 or email