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Introducing the new product distributed by AMSL Medical - Amino-Ther!

Posted Feb 1, 2021.

AMSL Medical is delighted to announce that we will be distributing Amino-Ther®, a wonderful new product, within Australia. Amino-Ther is a Food for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP) containing precise quantities of the specific Essential Amino Acids and 3 organic acids (succinic, malic and citric acid) which act as a mitochondrial metabolism modulator, assisting in energy production (ATP increase).

Applications for Amino-Ther include:

  • Assisting with long term dietary supplementation and management in those with loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia), as well as those with cognitive decline, microbiota (the usual micro-organisms found in the gut that assist with normal functioning) and gut dysbiosis (an imbalance in the normal gut microbes that is associated with disease)
  • Assisting with protein malnutrition in sarcopenia and frailty
  • Helping to maintain the appetite in people with frailty and sarcopenia
  • Amino-Ther can be administered both orally, and enterally (with Amino-Ther PRO)

For more information about Amino-Ther please contact AMSL Medical on (02) 9882 3666 or email