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AMSL Medical Portfolio Expands in 2020

Posted Mar 20, 2020.

The Return of the ACE Stopper!

AMSL Medical are pleased to announce that the Medicina ACE Stopper is now available for supply, back by popular demand.

Medicina ACE Stoppers are small, implant grade silicone stoppers, that are used to seal stoma sites at various parts of the body.

All 12 ACE Stopper sizes along with the Caecostomy Extension Set are available now and via the Stoma Appliance Scheme! For more information on our range of ACE Stoppers, click here.

Colostrum Collector – every drop counts

When the ENFit standard was introduced, especially with the Low Dose amendment, it became almost impossible to express colostrum into smaller syringes due to the spike in the low dose connection.

In neonates every drop of milk is important. When you use the TA10 in conjunction with the OTLD syringes you have the ideal solution. By drawing the milk into an OTLD syringe you are able to feed orally or connect to a tube if the patient is tube-fed.

The ENFit compatible oral tip (OTLD) one piece syringe has a smooth barrel and tip to make giving oral medication and feeds less traumatic for small babies and children. For more information on the Colostrum Collector, click here.

Gastrostomy Tidy

The gastrostomy tidy is a unique device designed for patients who are body conscious or pull on their gastrostomy tubes. The device allows the gastrostomy tube to be kept tidy and secure in a specially made pouch.


  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • Discreet when worn underneath clothing
  • Adjustable waist belt
  • Machine washable and reusable
  • Available in child and adult sizes

For more information on the Gastrostomy Tidy, click here.

Alternatively, for further information on the Medical portfolio, please contact your local AMSL Medical Territory Manager or Customer Service team on (02) 9882 3666.