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AMSL Medical Portfolio expands into Amino Acid Formulas

Posted Sep 24, 2020.

AMSL Medical Portfolio expands into Amino Acid Formulas

The AMSL Medical Division is delighted to announce their partnership with Professional Dietetics International (PDI). PDI is a privately owned company based in Milan, Italy, who specialise in patented amino acids formulas. PDI produce food for special medical purpose (FSMP), creating precise quantities of specific Essential Amino Acids required to act as a mitochondrial metabolism modulator, assisting in energy production (ATP increase). PDI’s innovative spirit has led to 20 years of continuous success.

PDI’s dedication and commitment to improving quality of life through clinical R&D has resulted in the success of several patented products across different therapeutic areas.

These areas include:

  • Clinical nutrition
  • Foods for Special Medical Purpose
  • Orthopaedics
  • Wound Care
  • Otorhinolaryngology
  • Oral Care
  • Supportive care
  • Proctology

More information on PDI can be found here.

For more information about this announcement, please contact AMSL Medical on (02) 9882 3666 or email