Nichrome 5 

A wide range of premium quality, accurately sized twisted Nichrome 5 wire loops, available in 6 volumetric sizes. Nichrome 5 wire offers all the benefits of platinum, without the cost. With finely twisted shank for flexibility, the ultrasmooth precision formed loops glide smoothly across the agar surface without tearing, producing good isolated colonies.

  • Flexible
  • Non-gouging
  • Rapid cooling
  • Consistent & reproducible results
  • Calibrated

Plastic Disposable

Premium quality sterile plastic disposable inoculating loops. Precision moulded smooth edges prevent tearing and gouging of agar. Available sterile in individual peel pouch or tamper-evident resealable bags of 20 loops.

  • New classic microloops for 1µl and 10µl
  • Standard microloops in 3 popular sizes
  • Colour coded for instant size identification
  • Ultra smooth surface
  • Accurate droplet pick up and transfer