L. mono - Assurance GDS®

  • Speed and Accuracy - Rapid accurate detection method features the latest innovations in genetic detection technology and food microbiology.
  • Three Levels of Specificity - Assurance GDS utilizes three levels of specificity to ensure accurate, results. These include highly specific primers, probes and immunomagnetic separation.
  • PickPen® Immunomagnetic Separation (IMS) - Sample preparation includes the proprietary PickPen IMS which isolates the target organism and removes it from the food matrix and media which could interfere with PCR results.

Assurance GDS for Listeria monocytogenes Features:

  • Results in 24 hours for environmental samples and select foods
  • Single-step enrichment reduces handling time
  • Features innovative IMS for additional specificity and faster time to results
  • Simplified sample prep does not require heating blocks or preparation of reagents
  • Proprietary Rotor-Gene Q cycler is a rotory-based cycler that ensures uniform heating and cooling of all samples 


  • Detects - Listeria monocytogenes
  • Validation -
    • AOAC Performance Tested Method 070702
    • Health Canada MFLP 07
  • Technology - Ploymerase Chain Reaction
  • Storage - 2 - 8C

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Assurance GDS Listeria monocytogenes (Qty 100 tests)
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Assurance GDS Listera monocytogenes Tq (Qty 100 tests)
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