Colony Counters

The colony counters from Interscience are not only high-tech and durable, they also come in different models depending on what you require. All colony counters provide fast and accurate counting results. 

This range includes:

  • Manual colony counters -  Scan 100
    • User-friendly and ergonomic features
    • LED Lighting system with Dark-Field technology
  • Automatic colony counters - Scan 300, 500, 1200, 4000
    • Equipped with a digital camera and high technology software and can be linked to a PC via a USB connection
    • Count all colonies on a Petri dish in less than 1 second and provide a complete, fast, accurate, and traceable reading of the result

Scan® 100
Order Code:435 000

Scan® 300
Order Code: 436 300

Scan® 500
Order Code: 436 000

Scan® 1200
Order Code: 437 000

Scan® 4000
Order Code: 438 000