Blender Bags with Culture Media

instaBAG® is a ready-to-use filter bag which includes a dehydrated pre-dosed media, allowing a 2-in-1 process: media preparation and sample preparation for microbiological analysis.

  • Ready-to-use media
  • Just add water for easy preparation
  • Lateral filter blocks debris during blending process
  • Filter porosity: <250 microns
  • Compatible with any laboratory blender
  • Zip pouch with desiccant for optimal conservation after opening
  • Light and humidity proof aluminium pouch
  • Long shelf life
  • Compliance with ISO Standards
  • Just Add Water

    Eliminate time-consuming media preparation. Simply add sterile water to the bag, and blend. The media will dissolve throughout the blending process.

    Advantages of a Filter Bag

    Save time using a filter bag. During blending, the filtrate moves across the membrane of the filter, providing a particle free solution for pipetting. Particles will no longer cause clogging of the pipette tip or be transferred onto the surface of the petri dish or dehydrated plate surface. This facilitates easier reading of the plates coupled with a more accurate result. 

    instaBAG Buffered Peptone Water

    Used to perform sample dilutions for enumeration of all microorganisms (ISO 6887). It is also used for non-selective pre-enrichment for the detection for Salmonella spp (ISO 6579) and Enterobacteria (ISO 21528-1). 

    instaBAG Fraser ½

    Used for the primary selective enrichment or as a diluent for the detection and enumeration of Listeria monocytogenes and Listeria spp (IS 11290-1, ISO 11290-2) in food and environmental samples.

    Interscience InstaBAG Brochure

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    InstaBAG HBF

    • instaBAG HBF 225mL  Product Code: 114 220
      Fraser ½: qty of 80 
    InstaBAG BPW

    • instaBAG BPW 90mL   Product Code: 114 090
    • instaBAG BPW 225mL Product Code: 114 225
      BPW: qty of 100