EC Blue

In 1998, EC Blue was introduced as an official water test method in Japan approved by JWWA (2001). 

There are 3 different presentations (packages) prepared for E. coli and coliform detection from water. EC Blue is "Culture Medium".

EC Blue Features:

  •  Easy to dispose after autoclaving (bottle and tube are made from APL)
  • Long shelf life (1 year after manufacturing)
  • Shorter incubation and detection time compared with other products (18-24 hours)
  • Easy to judge and detect E.coli by fluorescence (APL is non-self fluorescent material)
  • Can be stored at room temperature (under 30 C)

EC Blue Benefits:

  • Conservation of environment (APL does not produce dioxin and other toxic gases)
  • Save inventory and purchasing cost
  • Easy and convenient to control lab workflow
  • Confirmation or re-test are not necessary and it could save those costs
  • Do not need to wait till medium to be room temperature (save preparation time)  

EC Blue Interpretation:

  • Colour change of medium (Green-Blue) might be Coliform positive
  • Observation of fluorescence might be E. coli positive

EC Blue 100P (100 pcs)

Code: 05591

EC Blue 100 (80 bottles)

Code: 05593

EC Blue 10 (150 tubes)

Code: 05613

EC Blue Comparator (1 bottle)

Code: 05617