CompactDry TC

Simple, cost effective microbial enumeration

CompactDry TC offers quality assurance personnel a user-friendly means to perform Total Viable Counts for raw materials, finished product, water, cosmetics and environmental monitoring of production surfaces.

CompactDry TC is a ready-to-use dehydrated plate which contains culture media, gelling agent, and a redox indicator tetrazolium salt. Reduction of the tetrazolium salt by viable organisms in the sample cause the colonies to grow red in colour. The red colour formation of the colonies helps the analyst distinguish between food particles and colonies on the surface of the plate.

Thanks to the self-diffusing media surface, the 1mL sample aliquot will automatically spread across the surface of the plate eliminating the need of spreader, saving the operator time and effort. 

CompactDry TC features:

    • Ready to use
    • Self-diffusing membrane eliminating the need for a spreader
    • Unlimited stacking during incubation
    • 24 or 48-hour time to result
    • Countable range 1-300cfu
    • Easy to interpret results, TTC indicator highlight colonies in red
    • Isolated colonies can be sub-cultured individually to other media
    • Room temperature storage
    • 24-month shelf life (from date of manufacture)
    • AOAC approved
    • AQIS approved for meat analysis

   Easy to Use:

    1.      Add 1mL of the sample for testing
    2.      Incubate as per pack insert
    3.      Count the number of red colonies on the plate

   Using the BactLAB app you can easily count the number of colonies cultured on a CompactDry plate.

   Simply register as a member on the BactLAB app, using your smart phone take a photo of the CompactDry plate, upload and then confirm the colony count seconds later.

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Ordering Details:
  • CompactDry TC 240 pack
    Product Code: 06741
  • CompactDry TC 1400 pack
    Product Code: 54051