Onsite Analysis System for Wine - CDR WineLab®

The CDR WineLab is an innovative system that performs a comprehensive chemical analysis on wine and must during vinification. Chemical analyses are important during the wine production phases to assist in controlling the maturity of the grapes, the degree of process of fermentation, and the quality and health of the wine.

Thanks to CDR WineLab, the results are available in real time, right in the winery, so you no longer need to rely on dedicated external laboratories. With CDR WineLab's Multitasking Mode, you can determine the complete analytical profile of a wine, in just 10 minutes.

The CDR WineLab is available in two models: CDR WineLab and CDR WineLab Jr

CDR WineLab Features:

  • Multitasking Mode - Performs several analytical parameters at the same time on different wine samples
  • Photometric Technology - LED emitters, reading cells (4), and 7°C thermostated incubation cells (16) ensures accuracy and reliability
  • Disposable Reagents - Reagents are pre-filled, allowing quick and easy sample preparation
  • Ease of Use - Simple and user friendly system that can be used by anyone, without the support of skilled staff. The HELP function is also available to display step by step instructions on the colour LCD touchscreen. Results are automatically calculated, displayed, and printed.
  • Compact Size
      - CDR WineLab 32 cm (W) x 29.5 cm (D) x 13 cm (H), 2.8 kg
      - CDR WineLab Jr. 15 cm (W) x 22 cm (D) x 8.3 cm (H), 0.80 kg

Tests include:

  • Sugars - Total sugar content, glucose and fructose
  • SO2 - Total and free
  • Malolactic - L-Malic acid, L-Lactic acid and more
  • Acidity - Total acidity, acetic acid and pH
  • Nitrogen - Organic and inorganic
  • Polyphenols - Antocyanes, polyphenols and more
  • Colour - Intensity and tonality
CDR WineLab Brochure
CDR WineLab

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 CDR WineLab Jr.
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