Onsite Analysis System for Beer - CDR BeerLab®

The CDR BeerLab analysis system is built to analyse beer, water, and wort during any phase of the beer brewing process for quality control and monitoring purposes. This versatile and compact system responds to the needs of master brewers and to breweries of all sizes.

The CDR BeerLab analysis system allows you to perform a wide range of tests with a single device, providing faster and easier results in comparison to traditional testing methods. This can be all done completely in-house without having to rely on external laboratories. In only 15 minutes, you can easily analyse up to 16 samples.

The CDR BeerLab is available in two models: CDR BeerLab and CDR BeerLab Jr

CDR BeerLab Features:

  • Photometric Technology - LED emitters, reading cells (4), and 7°C thermostated incubation cells (16) ensures accuracy and reliability
  • Disposable Reagents - Reagents are pre-filled, allowing quick and easy sample preparation
  • Ease of Use - Simple and user friendly system that can be used by anyone, without the support of skilled staff. The HELP function is also available to display step by step instructions on the colour LCD touchscreen. Results are also automatically calculated, displayed and printed
  • Compact Size
      - CDR BeerLab 32 cm (W) x 29.5 cm (D) x 13 cm (H), 2.8 kg
      - CDR BeerLab Jr. 15 cm (W) x 22 cm (D) x 8.3 cm (H), 0.80 kg

Tests for Beer include:

  • Fermented sugars - glucose, fructose, maltose and sucrose (wort only)
  • Lactic Acid D + L - Total and free
  • Bitterness - available with CDR BeerLab model only
  • Colour
  • Alcohol by volume - Organic and inorganic
  • pH wort - Antocyanes, polyphenols and more 
  • Starch
  • Free Amino Nitrogen 
  • Total SO2
  • Vicinal Diketones (VDKs)

Tests for Water include:

  • Minerals - Calcium, Magnesium, Bicarbonate, Chloride, Potassium, Sulfate and Zinc 
CDR BeerLab Brochure
CDR BeerLab

Code: 222005Z02

CDR BeerLab Jr.
Code: 242001Z02