Allergen Lateral Flow Devices - AgraStrip®

AgraStrip Allergen Test Kits are an immunological rapid test in a lateral flow format for the qualitative detection of multiple food allergens. This simple, sensitive system can be implemented into routine analysis as part of an allergen management plan within a HACCP concept. The user-friendly test format makes it easy for a smooth workflow to be maintained on-site, as well as in the lab.

Test for trace amounts of allergens in foods, rinse water, or environmental surface swabs with results available in as little as 11 minutes (including extraction). Visual results are easy to read with an included control line to ensure the test has run correctly.

  • Results in 11 minutes
  • Easy to read visual results
  • Sensitive limit of detection
  • No additional equipment required to run a test
  • Stable for up to 12 months from the date of manufacture
  • The test kits come complete with strips, antibody coated incubation vials, extraction tubes, an extraction buffer, surface swabs, and additional accessories to run 10 tests

    AgraStrip Range:

  • AgraStrip Peanut
  • AgraStrip Gluten G12
  • AgraStrip Gluten
  • AgraStrip Hazelnut
  • AgraStrip Soy
  • AgraStrip Almond
  • AgraStrip Walnut
  • AgraStrip Beta-Lactoglobulin
  • AgraStrip Casein
  • AgraStrip Cashew/Pistachio
  • AgraStrip Lupin
  • AgraStrip Macadamia
  • AgraStrip Brazil nut
  • AgraStrip Whole Egg
  • AgraStrip Sesame
  • AgraStrip Mustard
  • AgraStrip Crustacea
  • AgraStrip Total Milk
  • AgraStrip Coconut
  • AgraStrip Wine Extraction Buffer – Egg
  • AgraStrip Wine Extraction Buffer – Casein
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