Gravimetric Dilutors

Gravimat and BabyGravimat gravimetric dilutors automatically dilute a solid sample with the appropriate mass of diluent. All the dilution and distribution protocols used in labs are available.

 We have the full Gravimetric Dilutors range from Interscience: 

  • DiluFlow
    • Gravimetric dilutor
  • DiluFlow Pro
    • Gravimetric dilutor 5 kg
  • DiluFlow Elite 1 kg
    • Gravimetric dilutor 1 kg
  • DiluFlow Elite 5kg 
    • Gravimetric dilutor 5 kg connected

 Interscience DiluFlow Brochure

DiluFlow single pump
Order Code: 501 103

DiluFlow Pro single pump
Order Code: 502 105

DiluFlow Elite single pump 1 kg 
Order Code: 503 101

DiluFlow Elite single pump 5 kg
Order Code: 503 105