Duotip® II Lancets

Duotip II lancets sit in a well of the reagent, in a tray of 40 wells. The lancet retains approximately 4 microliters of reagent in the meniscus between the two points of the lancet.


  • Reduced reagent volumes allows for cost saving
  • Fast, simple procedure
  • Simple-to-use for children as there is no need for the arm to be held immobile whilst placing SPT reagent drops onto the test sites
  • Minimally invasive. No need to puncture the epidermis as with a metal lancet to introduce a full drop of allergen. Duotip II is especially suitable for use with children
  • Entire tray with 40 Reagents can be easily transported, lid holds devices in wells to prevent spills 
  • Large label areas
  • Plenty of room for accurate extract identification
  • See-through windows
  • No surprises—60 doses left when extract levels fill only well bottom reservoirs

Duotip II system comprises of the following individual elements:

  • Duotip II lancet - to sit in wells of reagent 
  • DipWell tray - holds 40 wells of reagent 
  • DipWell wells - holds reagent