Patch Testing - SmartPractice® allergEAZE®

allergEAZE is an open-type Skin Patch Test system used to identify numerous allergens that cause Allergic Contact Dermatitis. The allergEAZE epicutaneous contact allergen product line consists of over 600 individual allergens; 10 series, 15 categories and 13 groupings, in either petrolatum or liquid base, supplied in polypropylene/polyethylene syringes or tubes.

All allergEAZE allergens are manufactured by a GMP-certified pharmaceutical company in accordance with guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). 

Australian Baseline Series

The Australian Baseline Series has been developed by Australian dermatologists and is recommended as the panel of the 60 most relevant Patch Test allergens in Australian clinical practice. Please contact us for more information and for a full list of allergens. 

Why allergEAZE allergens?

  • Certified allergen concentration
  • Useful allergen sorted by Series, Groupings and Categories
  • User-friendly dispensing syringes or tubes 

Patch Test Chambers

The allergEAZE Patch Test Chambers are designed as an allergen delivery system and provide a means to place allergens or allergen mixes in contact with the surface of the skin. The product is intended for use by or under the supervision of a physician for use in:

  • Diagnosing contact dermatitis and photo-contact dermatitis
  • Experimental skin testing and allergy protocols

allergEAZE Patch Test Chambers are:

  • Open and easy to pre-load
  • Ideal for both liquid and semi-solid allergens
  • Comfortable for patients due to rounded corners (panel and chambers) and flexible material
  • Designed for excellent occlusion with a small chamber area, ideal depth, increased spacing and raised edges
  • User-friendly with pre-cut registration notches
  • Convenient with prefixed filter paper
  • Economical: the small chamber volume requires only small amounts of test allergens for optimal skin contact
  • Functional: the smaller panel dimensions allow room on the back for multiple patches

More information on SmartPractice allergEAZE chambers and accessories here