Patch Testing Accessories

Patch Test Chamber Covers

allergEAZE Chamber Covers are made of clear, thin, flexible plastic and are custom-fitted to allergEAZE Patch Test Chambers. Chamber covers help protect panels prior to patient application and permit temporary storage of pre-loaded chambers.

TruVol™ - Precision Allergen Dispenser 

The TruVol precision allergen dispenser accurately delivers standardised dose (20µL) per dose. This helps save money by eliminating over-filled patch test chambers while patch testing your patients for skin or contact dermatitis. 

patchTransport™ Patch Test Storage and Transportation 

  • Place filled patch test panel into patchTransport
  • Close patchTransport
  • patchTransport trays stack for convenient storage and transportation 

patchProtect™Protective Cover Tape

patchProtect Patch Test Protective Cover Tape provides a moisture resistant cover for patch test panels.

  • Moisture resistant tape allows patients to shower
  • High adhesion ensures patch test panels remain in place
  • Thin tape is elastic adding to patient comfort
  • A variety of sizes to cover single or multiple panels

patchMap™ Patch Test Orientation Sheets

patchMap creates a permanent record of the placement of patch test panels. patchMap is designed to work on broad or narrow backs and with multiple patch test panels.

  • It is easy to store and is accurate to align with the orientation marks on skin or spine
  • patchMap is particularly useful for later readings (72-96 hours) when skin markings might have faded