NRSII™ Transwab® Range - Medical Wire

New design with swab pre-immersed in Neutralising Rinse Solution, ready-for-use with a self standing tube and a high visibility blue cap and swab, which is easy to find and retrieve if accidentally dropped.

    • MW786: NRSII Transwab with 1ml fill
    • MW784: NRSII Transwab 5ml fill
    • MW785: NRSII Transwab 10ml fill

Recommended application - Sampling previously cleaned surfaces


  • Conforms to ISO 18593 and other national and international standards.
  • Neutralisers allow accurate recovery of residual bacteria on food contact surfaces.
  • Precise fill for accurate assessment of contamination levels.


  • Blue cap and swab which can be easily retrived if dropped.
  • Reduced packaging & storage space.
  • Ready to use.
  • Ambient storage and transport 

Also available in the following diluents:

  • Buffered peptone water
  • Butterfield buffer
  • Letheen broth
  • MRD (Maximum Recovery Diluent)
  • Tryptic soy broth
  • NRS without thiosulphate
Medical Wire and Food Pharma Brochure

NRSII Transwab with 1ml fill (50 swabs)

Code: MW786

NRSII Transwab 5ml fill (50 swabs)

Code: MW784

NRSII Transwab with 10ml fill (50 swabs)

Code: MW785