Point of Care

Lactate Testing - StatStrip®

The StatStrip Lactate Meter is a device by Nova BioMedical using the same technology as the StatStrip Glucose/Ketone and StatSensor Creatinine Meters to bring you interference free results.

The updated ARTG Certificate shows StatStrip Lactate as cleared for use for foetal scalp lactate testing in birthing suites, making it the first POC meter in Australia to achieve this status.

Accurate foetal scalp lactate testing plays an essential role in avoiding harm to the newborn and preventing an unnecessary caesarean section for the mother. Like all surgical procedures, a C-section carries inherent risks and long term implications for the mother as well as significant aftercare costs for the Hospital.

StatStrip Lactate uses only a fraction of a drop of blood (0.7 µL) and results are available in 13 seconds. Compare that to a blood gas analyser where more than 40 μL of blood is needed and midwives and obstetricians need to wait several minutes for a result.

StatStrip Lactate also has an important role in managing sepsis in patients within ICU, ED, isolation or ambulances.

StatStrip Lactate is available either as a Xpress meter or a Connectivity meter with patient data connection to the EMR.