About Us

Founded in 1991, Australasian Medical & Scientific Ltd (AMSL) operates throughout Australia in the following areas: 


Medical devices and medicines covering a wide range of areas including enteral feeding, women's health, oncology, gastroenterology and haematology. 

Point of Care

Wide range of diagnostic equipment and reagents for near patient testing.


Insulin Pump therapy, Continuous Glucose Monitoring, Blood Glucose Monitoring, web based diabetes management software, hypoglycaemia treatments and accessories.

Medical Aesthetics

Covering surgical and non-surgical appearance enhancing, dermatology and vascular products.


Biosciences & food quality assurance products.

Our Services for Device and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

A complete overview of the services AMSL provide can be found here.

Corporate Memberships

AMSL is a member of the Medicine Industry Association of Australia and is a corporate sustaining member of the following societies and associations:

Parent Company 

AMSL is a wholly owned subsidiary of New Zealand & Scientific Limited (NZMS), based in Auckland, New Zealand.