The AspireAssist Aspiration Therapy System is a breakthrough weight loss solution for people with obesity. Unlike many other weight loss procedures, the AspireAssist is minimally-invasive and completely reversible at any time.

The AspireAssist gives patients control over their weight loss by a method known as Aspiration Therapy. With Aspiration Therapy, patients “aspirate” (drain) a portion of their stomach content after each meal through an endoscopically-implanted tube, reducing the number of calories absorbed by the body. The tube is implanted in the stomach, and leads to a small, low-profile port at the surface of the skin. Aspiration performed about 20 minutes after a meal will remove about 30% of the calories consumed. The AspireAssist is used in conjunction with a lifestyle modification program, and requires careful and comprehensive medical monitoring.

  • Approved for long-term use, if desired
  • Reversible through a 15-minute procedure
  • Minimal complications, similar to those of PEG tubes
  • Simple 20 minute outpatient procedure, no general anaesthesia required
  • Quick recovery – patients discharged within 2 hours on average
  • Patients can eat normal, healthy meals
  • Reinforces gradual, positive changes in eating behaviours
  • Affordable